The Big Bang

The Universe had to begin with something. Something big and exciting, like a Big Bang. Beginning a new blog is never a Big Bang! It’s really a painful slow process: where’s the success, where are my readers? But the funny thing about the blogs: post after post they shape themselves into something. So, let this blog shape into something too. Something totally unexpected.

I’d say it’s exciting to start a new blog anyway. Just for the sake of it. There’s a good reason I start this blog though: just recently I joined a team of Microsoft Technology Evangelists, and the purpose of this blog (at least for me): is to keep a technical diary of thoughts about my favorite subject: Technology.

As my t-shirt says: Love IT, Hate IT, IT happens. IT just happens, believe it or not: do you get angry when talking to an automated answering customer service? Same thing with technology. IT happens.

So without further ado, let’s launch this baby into the Universe. I wish this blog many happy readers and smash a bottle of champagne against the boat.

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