Windows Phone Apps – Marketplace Rapid Growth, Developers Jump in the Game Early



Windows Phone is experiencing an exponential growth in the number of apps submitted to the store, but developers still have a chance to capture this rapidly emerging market. If you are an individual developer, joining Microsoft’s marketplace called App Hub costs same as Apple’s, but if you are a student it’s totally FREE via program called DreamSpark. Also, if you are a student, publishing your first 100 apps in the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 market place is free and only limited by your imagination. And Microsoft also has many rewards for new developers, including brand new unlocked Windows Phones.


It’s Like a New Gold Rush


For many developers it’s like playing a stock market: if you are the first in the marketplace, your visibility is higher, so many developers choose to get into the game earlier. Microsoft is about to release the next version of its Windows Phone platform codenamed Mango (already available for select developers Update Your Windows Phone to Mango Today), and developers are presented with the opportunity to develop apps for Mango right now with the Beta SDK. Ultimately, if you are a developer of mobile apps or have a business that already has mobile apps for Android or iPhone, this is the best time to push your app to the new huge market.

Windows Phone Reaches #2 By Developers Intent


According to VisionMobile, Windows Phone platform is now #2 by developers intent. That means most developers are already thinking about jumping into Windows Phone game!

Monetizing Your Windows Phone App

Windows Phone already includes drag and drop Advertising control you can simply include in your apps, and for new developers these success stories might be interesting.

Links For a Busy Developer

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