How the New TechCrunch Design resembles Windows Phone Metro UI


The new TechCrunch design is simple and clean. Gone, rounded boxes and gradients, shades of gray. I think it signals a new era in the Internet design: the simplicity of transportation graphics, also chosen by Windows Phone 7 and its Metro UI, comes to news.  I’m glad the leader of technology news decided to change the look: but I think this is bigger than just the appearance. Quoting Mike Kruzeniski, the Metro designer:

Content, Not Chrome It’s the content on the phone that people want, not the buttons. Reducing the visuals on the phone that aren’t content will help you create a more open UI, and it also promotes direct interaction with the content.

Many sites are overloaded with Baroque graphics, and when today I opened TechCrunch, I loved the modern look.

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