iSkiSchool app gets ready for Windows Phone 7 Mango


Great news about iSkiSchool and 12 Ski Lessons apps! I’ve been quietly adding Mango features, such as live tiles and the new execution model. When Microsoft releases the new version of Windows Phone 7 “Mango”, my apps will go to production. There may be some pricing changes, which will benefit more skiers.

clip_image004I’ve been also listening to friendly design improvement suggestions from Microsoft UX guys . I have to admit, the first version of this app was created even before I had a physical Windows Phone device. Now of course, there’s no excuse. The app now looks gorgeous! The live tiles are awesome!

Let’s take a look. First of all, I rebranded the graphics for iSkiSchool, and this little manga character that I drew last night has become its icon. I didn’t come up with the name yet, but let’s just call him Kevin.image

Second, look at how gorgeous the main app browser page now looks: the user experience now follows Microsoft’s Metro UI. It’s clean and very easy to read.

Now, let’s look at the tiles, you can now pin any lesson to Start, by clicking a little plus icon when you watch a lesson. You can see how in addition to “12 Ski Lesson” main app tile, I also pinned shortcuts to “Ski Equipment” and “Bumps 1” lessons.

There’re some interesting considerations, given the flexibility of the tiles API: for example whether to create a new tile automatically when a lesson is selected. But I think it would be a bad idea, like a Web page adding itself to favorites. So, I’ll probably leave it up-to the user to decide.


Summary: When Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7 “Mango”, there’s one more compelling reason to give it a shot. iSkiSchool looks the best on Windows Phone, because frankly, the OS is so cool!


And finally, you can see the app in action!

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