DEMO Fall 2011 Highlights

P1050205To someone transplanted from the East Coast and new to Silicon Valley, it’s charged with events. And September seems to be the craziest month, with Microsoft showing new products at BUILD in Anaheim, CA,  MEGA Startup Weekend in Mountain View, CA and DEMO Fall 2011 in Santa Clara, at a Hyatt convention center next to CITRIX.

This is my first DEMO event: last time I was about to present at DEMO when I was running my own CloudOLAP startup project. I didn’t happen because I feel that the event is about technologies that change the world radically, and CloudOLAP is a business intelligence “workhorse” type of product. So, it was interesting to see startups that actually made it to DEMO to change the world Smile


P1050206DEMO starts at the same time as TechCrunch Disrupt, and there’s a lot of discussion about why exactly both shows choose this particular week. Both shows are clearly at war, there’s no love between them, but the common wisdom is: TechCrunch is aimed at developers, that is me. I was at DEMO because Microsoft was sponsoring it, together with Startup America and Kauffman Foundation.


Gust from AngelSoft for giving a tool for entrepreneurs to finance their business,, Upverter (I love the HTML5 based CAD tool and github-like collaboration they built into it), Zirtu a virtualization solution.

P1050196How about a virtual tomb at a convenient place just a click away? iPostMortem was clearly aiming at long term returns and a very large customer base.

Since I’m a Windows Phone guy, I was specifically interested in the Mobile tech space (Wednesday) sessions.  Here’s just some companies that presented mobile solutions at DEMO:

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