My apps included with Windows 8 Release Preview

My apps included with Windows 8 Release Preview Store

What a day! Windows 8 Release Preview is released today! And after weekends and nights of coding, my modest contribution to all that Windows glory is now available for your gaming pleasure! The app is called “Card Games Chest” and you can download it from the Store, on any Windows 8 Release Preview tablet, or PC, so go get it now! It’s free as in beer.

Right now Card Games Chest ranks pretty high!


The initial screen of the Card Games Chest where you can select a game


This is Mau Mau game, I love it! But the chest has other games: Crazy Eights, DUO, 101, Switch, and I’m adding more! So keep downloading!


I love this animation, worked on it from the ground up, with vector graphics and finally I had it done!


And this is what a developer workstation looks like for Windows 8 in case you’re curious. At the bottom I have a Samsung Series 7 tablet with a dock and the second monitor (touchscreen), connected via HDMI, and my HP laptop (touchscreen) is right next to it.




my Windows Phone apps available here

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  1. I enjoy all the games in the chest and can not break away! Good luck to everyone! Very beautiful & intelligent.

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