Windows 8 for iOS Developers (Part I)

I happened to attend a weekly class by Joe Conway, the author of iOS Programming “The Big Nerd Ranch Guide”. The class covered ObjectiveC and iOS development, but today I’d like to talk about what wasn’t covered in this class: mainly discuss how can an iOS/Apple developer get into Windows 8 world, and what are the differences between iOS and Windows 8 development from the programmer’s prospective. Especially, this post is for Apple iOS developers: it may sound strange, but despite the obvious differences between the platforms, you’ll easily find ways of doing familiar tasks in Windows 8.

I have to admit that Joe’s task was daunting, but Joe handled it brilliantly. With about 20 Microsoft developers in the audience he had to give an ObjectiveC iOS class. The great news for iOS developers: by learning Windows you will actually advance in your computer science class, and may be even by a lot! As Joe put it: there’re two sides of the spectrum: one is people who ask me to fix syntax errors, another is you guys with “why can’t you do it that way”? With Windows some relatively hard tasks become easy and possible: editing animations, asynchronous programming, neat process management, I hope these topics will be interesting for you. This won’t be a side-by-side comparison, instead I’ll focus on helping developers move from iOS to Windows and learn something new along the way.

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