MarkedUp to Windows 8 apps is what Google Analytics is to Web sites

MarkedUp may become to Windows 8 apps what Google Analytics is to a large portion of the Web sites: an easy to add analytics solution that gives an insight developers need for their Windows 8 apps. I’d like to quote MarkedUp Web site to explain their solution goals in their own words:

MarkedUp is an analytic and logging service built from the ground up to support Windows 8 apps (also known as metro-style apps) in the WinRT environment. Designed to be usable across all of the supported WinRT language from JavaScript to C# to C++ the client SDK allows you to capture analytics and diagnostic logging no matter your preference in development language.

If you want a quick overview on how MarkedUp works and how to install it into your Windows 8 apps, check out our MarkedUp tutorial video.

PICTURE ABOVE: Aaron Stannard, the Founder of MarkedUp, with the localized version of Card Games Chest using MarkedUp Analytics.

Aaron Stannard, the Founder of MarkedUp spent a few minutes with me today, and walked me through a trivial process of adding analytics to my Card Games Chest app for Windows 8. Aaron was kind enough to offer all my readers a registration code for MarkedUp analytics. Please, feel free to use it and add MarkedUp to your apps:

MarkedUp registration code: KEVINASH
MarkedUp registration url:

MarkedUp can be simply dropped onto any Visual Studio Windows 8 project as a NuGet package:

Once you are registered, you can create a name for the app you adding analytics to in MarkedUp friendly Web interface. After adding the app, simply click “Install MarkedUp” which will provide you with the API key you can use in your code to initialize MarkedUp:

Once you’re done, add this simple call to your initialization code, such as OnLaunched event for WinRT apps:

MarkedUp.AnalyticClient.Initialize(“YOUR API KEYS GOES HERE”);

Mostly, you are done. For example, I was interested in games my users play, so every time they play a new game, I simply add this line to report on a new game.


MarkedUp analytics tracks data you are interested in and reports it back in a friendly Web interface.

I believe MarkedUp has a great potential and may be used in individual apps, as well as in the enterprise scenarios where reporting is often needed. MarkedUp may clearly become Google Analytics for Windows 8 apps. Well done!

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