MAKE ART with Artificial Intelligence – v3.0 drawing class

I’m working on a special session for Microsoft Garage launch in Atlanta! Based on my book MAKE ART with Artificial Intelligence, this session will share techniques of using AI super-tools for drawing, art, illustration and design, for anyone! Think of it as v3.0 of your drawing class: including sketching, coloring, applying light and shading, inking, drawing portraits, emotions, poses, landscapes, animations, speech and more with AI. All artwork in this book is created or augmented with AI, and during this session any participant can choose to draw a sketch and then apply AI to make it look like a professional illustration. As kids we all learn to draw, but most of us abandon this gift. Kevin’s method of drawing and illustration with AI as a creative partner, can help improving your own confidence as an artist.

MAKE ART with Artificial Intelligence