Microsoft and Nokia at National Academy 2014

Microsoft and Nokia Lounge at PSIA-AASI National Academy 2014

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For the second consecutive year, it is becoming a tradition that Microsoft and Nokia participate in the outdoor educational events. One of these events is National Academy, a week-long event in Snowbird, Utah, at an altitude of 10,000ft gathering top ski and snowboard instructors from North America. PSIA-AASI is the nation’s oldest snow-sports educational organization, uniting more than 32 thousand professional ski and snowboard instructors. In 2013 Microsoft and Nokia teams for the first time participated in this event with a launch of Winter Sports, a ski and snowboard sports tracking app for Windows Phone and Windows.

This year highlights:

· Microsoft/Nokia Lounge

· Direct Verizon Sales: sold many high-end Windows Phones on-site

· XBOX ONE + fitness and games

· Nokia Lumia Icon, 1520, 1020, 520

· Nokia Accessories (Wireless Speakers, gadgets, wireless chargers, batteries)

· 3,000,000+ vertical ft tracked by the  app

· 50+ Windows Phones used on the mountain every day


Outdoors Industry and Windows Devices

This year, we expanded our collaboration with the organization, by creating an on-site Microsoft/Nokia Lounge, equipped with Xbox One, fitness apps and games, and bringing 50+ Windows Phone devices: from smallest Nokia Lumia 520, to top of the line Nokia Lumia 1020 phone with 41 megapixel camera, Nokia Lumia Icon and large 6″ screen Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet, as well as Microsoft and Nokia tablets, such as Microsoft Surface. Each instructor could use Winter Sports app, tracking activity on the mountain, the app uses Microsoft Azure cloud to store tracking information securely and reliably (also see Microsoft case study).


Windows Phone apps

This event helps Microsoft and Nokia to collaborate with top sports and outdoor organizations, having devices used in real-life mountain high-altitude conditions, taking professional grade pictures and sports activity tracking and gathering feedback from top North American ski and snowboard instructors, including National Team champions. Also check out these apps for Windows Phone and Windows:

Winter Sports

Active Fitness


Rollerblade® Inline Skates

Microsoft/Nokia Lounge at 10,000ft


Microsoft/Nokia Lounge at 10,000ft in Cliff Lodge was set up for the whole week to present latest gadgets from Microsoft and Nokia, and became an Xbox One playground. For one week we entertained instructors with latest fitness and sports apps and Xbox games, demoed latest Windows Phones and Windows tablets, as well as Nokia accessories, such as wireless speakers, wireless chargers, headphones, phone batteries and more.

During the trade show we also had Verizon on site, selling Windows Phone devices. After ski and snowboard instructors were introduced to Winter Sports app, some were interested in purchasing top of the line Lumia Icon devices with unbeaten screen resolution and 20 megapixel camera. We certainly recommend these devices for ski instructors, because of their quality, reliability, great camera resolution, built-in action shot features and great outdoors apps.

Educational On-Snow Events

Some of Microsoft’s own team are certified ski instructors and participated in the on-snow educational groups. We skied Snowbird and Alta, tracking skiing with Winter Sports app: in one week the app tracked 3,000,000+ vertical feet, tracking supported by Microsoft Azure cloud technology. Anyone had an opportunity to try one of several Windows Phone models. Great thing about Windows Phones is that they support a variety of form factors and features: from best camera phone in the world: 41 megapixel Lumia 1020, to a small footprint very inexpensive Lumia 520, to 20 megapixel Lumia Icon device.

In-class events and trade shows

During the National Academy we had a number of in-class training events and a trade show. During the trade show we had a joint Microsoft/Nokia/Verizon booth set up, with devices available for sale from Verizon. A number of high end Windows Phones were sold and activated at Verizon booth.

Next Year

We are planning to continue working with National Academy and bring the excitement of technology and new devices to the world of outdoors.


On the photo above: a special WINTER ski named after the app is signed by National Team coaches at National Academy. The right ski was signed at 2013 National Academy. The left ski was signed this year. I guess next year we need to make new skis J


even more photos…


Rollerblade® Inline Skates app launched at BUILD

As the summer and spring season starts, I’m happy to announce that we just launched Rollerblade® Inline Skates app at Microsoft BUILD conference in San Francisco!

The awesome sports app is immediately available from Nokia Collection on all Nokia Windows Phone 8.0 devices. More to come… SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

From our partner:

West Lebanon, NH –Rollerblade®, the international leader in the inline skating industry, recently announced the launch of the Rollerblade® Inline Skating App, a brand new application that’s taking the sport to a whole new level. Through a partnership with Nokia, Microsoft, and the Active Network, the Rollerblade® Inline Skating App is the official application for the sport and will enhance the skating experience for users worldwide. The new Windows 8 Phone app allows users to enjoy features such as tracking workouts and fitness goals, sharing progress and photos with friends and family via social media, finding the newest gear, and photographing their skating experience.



Active Fitness for PC, tablets and Surface

Download Active Fitness for PC, tablets and Surface:

Active Fitness for PCs and Tablets

Active Fitness is a personal trainer and fitness organizer for your Surface tablets or any Windows PC, with a companion Windows Phone app and a social network of quarter of a million users. Active Fitness is great for running, cycling, walking and hundreds of other activities, the app that earned raving reviews by Microsoft Phone blog and WPCentral for its companion Windows Phone app. Now with a Windows version of the app, you can enjoy your free sports analytics from the comfort of your tablet or PC and import data from other apps or devices.


Take your active lifestyle with you

With Active Fitness you can use the same account you used for companion Windows Phone app, or your Winter Sports app account from another popular app for tracking activities. You are presented with a simple and rich interface that allows you to check your stats, add your activity from Windows Phone or any other app or device, check your training schedule, find your friends and see where they run or exercise and more!


Hub for all your sports activities

Active Fitness automatically synchronizes your data with Windows Phone Ski & Ride app, and easily imports your data from other apps, Web sites and devices. Essentially, Active Fitness is a personal trainer, organizer and a fitness hub for all your sports activities on any Windows devices.


Personal Training

Active Fitness provides dozens of training plans: both videos and automatically tracked with Active Fitness app for Windows Phone. Training plans keep you organized and motivated, and you can see your progress real-time as you run or cycle with Windows Phone.


Companion app for Windows Phone

Active Fitness app comes with a free companion app for Windows Phone: the app that earned raving reviews from Microsoft Phone blog, WPCentral and is included in Nokia Collection.


Feels like Olympics

Active Fitness has a rich global leaderboard that immediately makes you feel like you are in the middle of Olympic Games. Compete with thousands other users of Active Fitness social network and Active Fitness will track your position on the leaderboard.


Where’s your friend?

Active Fitness has 200,000+ active users, the number that grows by thousands every day. To see where your friends are, use Active Fitness Friend Finder feature to find your friends.


For Windows PC, tablets and Surface


For Windows Phone



Winter Sports app available for PCs, tablets and Surface

Winter Sports for PCs and Tablets


For all snow-sports enthusiasts, Winter Sports is this season’s must have app for your Surface tablets and any Windows PC and Windows Phone. If you like skiing, snowboarding or any winter activity, Winter Sports is an official app of Professional Ski and Snowboard Instructors of America. Winter Ski & Ride for Windows Phone is the companion app for Winter Sports, has been translated to 10 languages and is crazy popular with skiers and snowboarders around the world, overall quarter of a million users. Now, there’s a large screen version of the app with tons of new capabilities, in case you want to show off your skiing or snowboarding to your friends, import data from other apps and devices.


Take your skiing and riding with you

With Winter Sports you can use the same account you used for companion Windows Phone app, or your Winter Sports app account, and also load data from another popular app for tracking activities. You are presented with a simple and rich interface that allows you to check weather reports and conditions at thousands of resorts worldwide, check your stats, add your activity from Windows Phone or any other app or device, check your training schedule, find your friends and see where they ski or ride and more!


Hub for all your snow-sports activities

Winter Sports app automatically synchronizes your data with Windows Phone Ski & Ride app, for all other apps and devices, such as Strava, RunKeeper, Garmin etc, Winter Sports allows you to import that data, and also add and edit your sports activities. Essentially, Winter Sports is a hub for all your sports activities on any Windows devices.


Personal Training by Professional Ski and Snowbnoard Instructors of America

Winter Sports provides dozens of training plans: both videos and automatically tracked with Winter app for Windows Phone. Training plans keep you organized and motivated, and you can see your progress real-time as you ski or ride with Windows Phone.


Companion app for Windows Phone

Winter Sports app comes with a free companion app for Windows Phone: the app that earned raving reviews from Microsoft Phone blog, WPCentral and is included in Nokia Collection.

Feels like Winter Olympics

Winter Sports has a rich global leaderboard that immediately makes you feel like you are in the middle of Olympic Games. Compete with thousands other users of Active Fitness social network and the app will track your position on the leaderboard.


Where’s your friend?

Winter Ski & Ride is part of Active Fitness network which has 200,000+ active users, the number that grows by thousands every day. To see where your friends are, use Friend Finder feature to find your friends.


Download Winter Sports app for Windows tablets, PCs


Download Winter Ski & Ride app for Windows Phone



From The Annual Trailblazer 2013 Race Event at Microsoft SVC with Active Fitness


More Pictures Here

Our Active Fitness app and social network grew to 200,000 users in 2 months on Windows Phone, and we were kindly invited to participate in annual race event in Silicon Valley. This post is about the event on September 29th. Enjoy!

This weekend we had an annual race/walking event at Microsoft Silicon Valley Center: the event has been held in Mountain View for 19 years, and gathers around 1,000 locals from the Bay Area. People often come with the kids and families, to have a good time and fun. This time we had a 5K/10K race/walk and kids races. The event is organized by Friends of Stevens Creek Trail (FOSCT), Microsoft Community team and other sponsoring organizations.


Active Fitness app which donates this year to several sports organizations has been locally grown and tested, on that very trail, now it has close to 200,000 users in 115 countries, and had left many people impressed with Windows Phone (a gorgeous 3’x5’ poster displayed the app’s main Panorama control in all its glory at one of the booths) and we had 15 Windows Phone devices for those who didn’t have them, with Active Fitness app pre-loaded (thanks, Nokia). The race invites people working at many local Silicon Valley companies.


Those who had to carry two cameras to take a good picture: DSLRs and phones, looked with envy at owners of Microsoft’s bright yellow Lumia 1020s. The phone takes amazing action and professional quality photos with fashionable lightweight Windows Phones that doubled as DSLRs with PureView technology. Kids were stopping by and asking questions about Lumia bright colored devices and trail tracking apps, there were also some developers asking me about building apps for Windows Phone. I hope you check these beautiful pictures included with this post and shared on SkyDrive.

Active Fitness usage at Steven’s Creek Trailblazer

We had many users using Active Fitness on the trail or around the campus that day, and even more registered users use Active Fitness on Stevens Creek trail regularly, (overall close to 5-12K simultaneous users elsewhere in the world use the app)!



Active Fitness: now in German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese…

It’s been only a month since Active Fitness was released on Windows Phone, and I was amazed at the growth! In one month we had close to 50,000 downloads, from 95 countries. In the first month our users ran, biked, jogged and tracked the distance from Earth to Moon with Active Fitness app! Wow, that’s pretty impressive for a Windows Phone app that’s just beginning its career. We had more than 500 reviews, with 4.5+ out of 5 ratings. And for all of that, THANK YOU!

Active Fitness: Wir sprechen Deutsch! Nous parlons français ! ¡ Hablamos a Español! 日本語を話す !我们讲中文 !Мы говорим по-русски!



Many of our users come from countries that speak languages other than English, and we were working hard on getting the app translated to native languages for our users. You can now download Active Fitness app in German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and more languages are coming.

Special thanks to our translators and those who simply helped with reviewing and translating the app: Lily Li, Marc Maciej, Nana Spade, Marie Fanget, thanks to you our app can now speak new languages!

Why is it important to translate apps?

Remember, when you build apps, you are speaking to the world. According to this resource, English represents only 4.83% of native speakers. Mandarin is at 12.44%, Spanish 4.85%. Active Fitness app users have a different distribution, besides English speaking countries, like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and the UK, we have many users in Germany, Spanish speaking countries, French speaking countries, Russia, China and Japan.

For us to translate the app is a way to say thank you to our users.

Active Fitness also SPEAKS all these languages!

Active Fitness has a great feature that helps athletes when they cannot look at the screen: our audio cues help users, just like a coach would gently remind you that you have a few more miles to reach your goal. If your Windows Phone has a voice installed, Active Fitness will also speak to you.  Enjoy!

Supported languages (7) Deutsch English (United States) español français 日本語 русский 中文(简体)


Active Fitness: a new free Windows Phone app for running, cycling, walking, rollerblading, skateboarding and more…


Active Fitness is a new beautifully designed Nokia Collection app for tracking various fitness activities: running, cycling, mountain biking, urban sports, such as: rollerblading, skateboarding, scooter, watersports and snow-sports. Great design and focus on ease of use and best features of Windows Phone makes it an outstanding app for sports, easily the best for Windows Phone. My Active Fitness day tracker shows I’ve been using it for 100 days of activity tracking, and it calls for celebration! I use Active Fitness for all my running, cycling, mountain biking, kick scooter (I have 2 awesome kick scooters) and of course skiing. It’s beyond awesome, it’s a new generation of activity tracking apps with a very rich fitness social network with the same name: Active Fitness Network (AFN).


Active Fitness is a fitness app, just as the name states, for tracking your fitness activities: running, cycling, mountain biking, rollerblading, but also watersports and snow-sports activities. The history of this app is somewhat interesting: it’s built by the same team of developers who brought us the beautiful Winter Ski & Ride app, a small startup in Silicon Valley and a guy from Microsoft. The app has the same beautiful user interface, that we love and enjoy in the Winter app.

Activity Tracking


Active Fitness tracks your activity and automatically calculates beautiful statistics, charts and shows it on the map. The great thing about Active Fitness, it can show you multiple activities on the map, an amazing feature because I can often walk, run and have a bike ride on the same day!

Personal Trainer


Active Fitness has dozens of training plans for running, cycling, walking, but also professional training plans and videos for skiing, snowboarding and even telemarking.  

Gorgeous Fitness Charts


Active Fitness presents your activity in multiple beautiful historical charts: drill into any activity to see details on calories, distance covered, altitude, speed etc. Really good job on the charts!

Friends and Finder


One of the features where Active Fitness truly excels is its extensive friends network: Active Fitness Network (AFN). This network also integrates with another popular app by the same company: Winter Ski & Ride, so if you are a snowboard or skiing aficionado, you can see your ski buddies in the same view. One cool feature that Active Fitness has is Tap-to-Friend, so if you have a friend you want to instantly watch in Active Fitness, you can simply tap your phones, and then you can share your fitness activities.

Beautiful Worldwide Leaderboards


If Olympics were done by Active Fitness developers, they would fun to watch: tap Leaders tile, and you’ll be instantly transferred into Active Fitness worldwide sports arena, where you can see people competing for the first place in any activity. This is by far the best sports activity leaderboard of all the apps.

Training Goals


Training goals is another great feature that Active Fitness has, and it’s extremely easy to use: just tap the dials to increase your goals, and the app will automatically congratulate you on your achievements, post your results to leaderboards etc.

Conserves Battery: Longest Battery Time!


Active Fitness was originally designed by the team that made Winter Ski & Ride app, which is amazing at battery, skiing in cold conditions is very demanding, yet the app drains very little. According to the authors if you only use their app, it runs for 48 hours! The app really has very smart algorithms to minimize battery consumption.

Voice and Speech Support


This is one of the best features, I use it all the time. As you run, cycle or ski, you have very little time to look at your screen, so the app can talk to you, counting your progress. This is also a great safety feature, because it does not distract your eyes from the activity, but rather gently reminds you of the progress. You can also tell the app “Active Fitness, start running” to switch activities.

Lockscreen and super-rich live tiles


Active Fitness takes full advantage of the lock screen and posts tons of useful information there, as well as beautiful pictures for your activities. This greatly minimizes battery consumption, because you don’t need to open the app to see you progress, one glance over the lock screen is enough. Also, the app has rich live tiles: Windows Phone live tiles display very useful information about your progress on both medium and large tiles.


Active Fitness is easily the best fitness and activity tracking app for Windows Phone today. It has a beautiful and very intuitive design and user interface, has dozens of activities to choose from: running, cycling, mountain biking, walking, rollerblading, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding and watersports. Active Fitness has a rich and active social network and great friends sharing features. We also recommend checking out Active Fitness sister app for snow-sports: Winter Ski & Ride, you can use the same account for both! Overall, great app.



Azure Mobile Services and DateTimeOffset

Important update: Please, see a comprehensive post by Carlos Figueira that recommends two additional workarounds for this issue.

I ended up implementing a combination of my approach below and Carlos’ custom JsonConverter.

I use DateTimeOffset very extensively, my corresponding SQL Azure table in mobile services uses datetimeoffset(3) column. The issue that I had was somewhere during JSON.NET serialization, the DateTimeOffset lost the offset and got converted to UTC. I couldn’t find any solution, until I experimentally started playing with the Mobile Services Client SerializationSettings, exposed in the latest SDK. Changing DateTimeZoneHandling  didn’t seem to help much until I discovered this post by Carlos. I changed it a little bit, keeping the idea, and voila: my DateTimeOffset now saves in Azure Mobile Services, no problem. If you know a better way, please let me know:


                MobileService.SerializerSettings.DateTimeZoneHandling = Newtonsoft.Json.DateTimeZoneHandling.RoundtripKind;
                // remove date time converter
                var conv = MobileService.SerializerSettings.Converters.Where(c => c is MobileServiceIsoDateTimeConverter).FirstOrDefault();
                if (conv != null)

Windows Phone: one week with professional ski and snowboard instructors

Event Facts:
0+ teams lead by National level instructors with Windows Phones
200 ski and snowboard instructors
30+ Nokia Lumia Windows Phones uploading real-time stats and photos
Nokia and Microsoft employees helping on-site and skiing
1,000,000 vertical ft tracked by Winter Ski & Ride app
Technology used: Windows Phone, Windows Azure, SkyDrive and Windows 8
Altitude: 8,000 – 11,000 ft

Tons of photos here

… even more photos and videos here

Windows Phone taken to the extreme

What’s the best proof of technology? Taking it to the extreme! Last week more than 200 attendees of the National Academy of Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) have been skiing, riding, taking pictures, videos and played with the apps, like the Winter app, at 10,000 ft elevations in the mountains of Utah. Microsoft and Nokia helped in this event, providing phones, skiing with the teams and of course showcasing the app for Windows Phone. Result? Thousands of pictures, videos, lots of smiling faces and memories that last.


In the mountains of Utah…

All National team leads were given latest Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phones, and they took them to the places, chutes, cornices, bowls and steep bumpy rides we could never think of. Together teams skied almost 1,000,000 ft vertical, tracked by Winter Ski & Ride app. The amount of April snowfall in Utah made every day the best day of skiing ever: with 5-8” of fresh snow falling almost every day, we also enjoyed days of sun and light, champagne powder.


National level ski and snowboard event

The National Academy is an annual event gathering professional ski and snowboard instructors of America (PSIA-AASI), an organization of more than 32,000 ski and snowboard instructors training students in every region of the US. During the Academy instructors learn from the top national instructors.


Microsoft and Nokia showing new technologies

Microsoft and Nokia representatives were very busy at the event, answering questions about Windows Phone, showcasing the app, making new friends and skiing! Some Microsoft employees skied for the first time, but after the event were ready to hit the slopes again! Presentation1

Photo: Matt Rothschild, Nokia’s head in North America demonstrating Nokia devices. Nokia and Microsoft showcasing devices, skiing and answering questions

What we learned

We’ve heard many great comments about Windows Phone, its video stabilization capabilities that make devices especially useful in the mountains, when taking instructional videos. Many mentioned superior device and camera capabilities that Windows Phone has, and also the software: such as Winter app that makes skiing with friends fun and also helps ski instructors teaching students. Together with PSIA-AASI, we also had a feedback and planning session from 30 national team leads, suggesting ideas for the next generation of Winter software and what a ski instructor may need in the mountains. This brainstorming will take the app to the next level. By the next season we are planning to significantly extend the app to include more exciting features.

SkyDrive + Windows Phone + Large Events = Awesomeness!


Photo: Windows Phone SkyDrive settings

SkyDrive integration with Windows Phone provided seamless photo transfer from the mountain to the slideshows at night. Windows Phone 8 can seamlessly sync photos and videos with the SkyDrive, and with 30+ phones we managed that integration allowed us to instantly prepare slideshows at night, when the skiers came back from the mountain. To access this feature go to Photos –> SkyDrive Settings. We used PowerPoint to play the shows, but what we didn’t discover until the last night was the Windows 8 Photos app, which can also play the slide show!


Photo: Windows 8 Photos app, notice Slide Show button at the bottom



Photo: PSIA Alpine Team member David Oliver, wearing Winter app snow-bandana.

Peter Kray, the author of “American Snow” book reached more than 100K vertical, skiing with the Winter app and had a goal of beating top skiers on the leaderboard. Pete’s book is beautifully printed, with pictures from both the old and modern days of ski instruction in America. Passionate skier himself, Pete says in his book: “To teach someone how to ski or snowboard is like sharing superpowers – giving the gift of motion, freedom, and flight – it’s the sensation of flying, with the world spinning beneath your feet and wind whipping across your face”.


Custom made Winter skis made by Wagner Custom Skis to theme with the Winter app have proven to be a huge success: I skied them every day of the event, at various conditions: on groomers, steep, bumpy terrain and loved the way they feel. Winter app now includes a form where you can order skis made by Wagner with either Winter or any custom graphics. Skis are created personally for you to fit your skiing needs: Wagner makes any types of skis: from racing to big mountain skis. Born in the mountains of Colorado, in Telluride, these skis provided me with the best moments of my National Academy – at the end of the feedback session the skis were signed by national team leads – this will keep me motivated on working on the app in the summer. I hope to meet Pete Wagner personally to thank him for the joy of skiing his skis.

More about the event:

PSIA-AASI Selected as exclusive content provider for Winter Ski & Ride app

PSIA-AASI National Academy Day 2: Deep Returns, Hot App + Ages and Stages

Winter app

Photos taken by Nokia Lumia Windows Phone


Many thanks to Mark Dorsey, William McSherry, Earl Saline, Matt Rothschild, Thierry Doyen, Olga Vigdorovich, Matt Thompson, Warren Wilbee, Nisha Baxi, Kenny Spade, Randy Guthrie, Ain Indermitte, Razvan Furca, Ben Adams, Max Felix, Mike Hafer, Nick Herrin, Lane Cleua, David Oliver, Rob Sogard, Michael Rogan, Robin Barnes, Bob Barnes, Scott Anfang, Matt Boyd, Jennifer Simpson, Jeb Boyd, Dave Lyon, Ryan Christofferson, Jonathan Ballou, Jim Schanzenbaker, Heidi Effenger, Chris Fellows, Eric Lipton, Andy Docken, Dave Lundberg, Kelly Coffey, Pete Kray, Susan Urbanczyk and many others who helped organizing this event.

The best ski and snowboard app on the planet… exclusive to Windows Phone



Windows Phone now has the best app in ski industry, leaving Apple and Google far behind, and raising the bar for ski apps very high: the app is called WINTER SKI & RIDE. For now the app is exclusively available on Nokia Windows Phones. WINTER SKI & RIDE is the official app of Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI), the association of more than 30,000 US ski and snowboard instructors. You can download it today from NOKIA Collection, if you are lucky to have a Windows Phone 8.


Microsoft Windows Phone blog about WINTER

WPCentral about WINTER

Stay warm! Skiers no longer need to take hands off their gloves in the cold, WINTER SKI AND RIDE is especially optimized for use with gloves in the cold, and NOKIA Lumia devices have glove sensitive screen, so you don’t need to take off your gloves in the cold to use the app. The app is optimized to run through your skiing day without draining your battery, and instead of punching buttons in the cold you can simply speak to it: “WINTER, Show me snow reports” for example.

WINTER SKI & RIDE is a unique app in many ways, it is developed by a Microsoftie, a professional ski instructor and a startup in Silicon Valley, an extremely powerful combination. The app is built in the US and Canada, and tested through snowstorms in the mountains of Colorado, Utah, California and British Columbia. Apparently, instead of spending time at Starbucks in Cupertino, Microsoft reached out to the field, and has developers who can ski and ride in the mountains, in cold and snow, to make the best app for skiing.

Instead of a bunch of different apps for weather, ski tracking and lessons, WINTER SKI & RIDE combines all features a skier needs in the mountain in one powerful app: snow reports, resort maps and information, such as the number of open trails, beautiful ski analytics and activity tracking, and lessons for skiing, telemark, snowboarding, freestyle and cross-country from professional ski and snowboard instructors.


Apparently, it takes a ski instructor and a Microsoftie to get a ski app right, finally! WINTER SKI & RIDE has an activity tracking switch, just turn it on when you are at ski resort, and you can put the phone back in your pocket. The smart app will automatically track your runs and present them in beautiful charts: you can see you runs by season, daily or even drill into the run details to see run details, such as speed, duration and vertical drop.

Not only that, WINTER SKI & RIDE motivates you to ski or ride more, and improve endurance, by setting goals. You can currently set vertical and run goals, and if you reach a goal, ta-da: your run is marked with an achievement pin, and you move closer to the leaders of the mountain.


WINTER SKI & RIDE is a very social app that lets you ski with your buddies and see the best skiers on the mountain.  You can also invite your friends and once you become friends with someone, you can share the runs and excitement about skiing.


WINTER SKI & RIDE automatically updates snow reports and you can view reports by proximity, by best conditions, powder, and maximum snow base. You can pin your favorite resorts as tiles to the start screen. The app beautifully presents resort information, shows vertical, open lifts and other information..


Because WINTER SKI & RIDE is endorsed by Professional Ski Instructors of America, it has professional lessons from the best ski instructors on the planet. Lessons are carefully selected, adhering to the highest standards of the sport, lucky Windows Phone owners can now ski and learn.


WINTER SKI & RIDE connects you with a social network of skiers and riders, making millions of ski buddies interconnected. This technology is based on Microsoft Windows Azure powerful cloud service. Do you want to see what runs your buddy did in Vail, or Whistler, or Chamonix? Just look him up on the Winter!


WINTER SKI & RIDE app changes the way coaches and ski instructors communicate with their students. By using the NFC technology available in Windows Phone, a ski instructor can instantly have a group of students join a team, and make recommendations based on a ski day, and individual runs.


With WINTER SKI & RIDE, Microsoft Windows Phone becomes a top player in the Winter sports. Forget the aging iPhone or battery-hungry Android. With the app endorsed by Professional Ski Instructors or America, Windows Phone becomes a very powerful player in the snowsports industry.