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Active Fitness for PCs and Tablets

Active Fitness is a personal trainer and fitness organizer for your Surface tablets or any Windows PC, with a companion Windows Phone app and a social network of quarter of a million users. Active Fitness is great for running, cycling, walking and hundreds of other activities, the app that earned raving reviews by Microsoft Phone blog and WPCentral for its companion Windows Phone app. Now with a Windows version of the app, you can enjoy your free sports analytics from the comfort of your tablet or PC and import data from other apps or devices.


Take your active lifestyle with you

With Active Fitness you can use the same account you used for companion Windows Phone app, or your Winter Sports app account from another popular app for tracking activities. You are presented with a simple and rich interface that allows you to check your stats, add your activity from Windows Phone or any other app or device, check your training schedule, find your friends and see where they run or exercise and more!


Hub for all your sports activities

Active Fitness automatically synchronizes your data with Windows Phone Ski & Ride app, and easily imports your data from other apps, Web sites and devices. Essentially, Active Fitness is a personal trainer, organizer and a fitness hub for all your sports activities on any Windows devices.


Personal Training

Active Fitness provides dozens of training plans: both videos and automatically tracked with Active Fitness app for Windows Phone. Training plans keep you organized and motivated, and you can see your progress real-time as you run or cycle with Windows Phone.


Companion app for Windows Phone

Active Fitness app comes with a free companion app for Windows Phone: the app that earned raving reviews from Microsoft Phone blog, WPCentral and is included in Nokia Collection.


Feels like Olympics

Active Fitness has a rich global leaderboard that immediately makes you feel like you are in the middle of Olympic Games. Compete with thousands other users of Active Fitness social network and Active Fitness will track your position on the leaderboard.


Where’s your friend?

Active Fitness has 200,000+ active users, the number that grows by thousands every day. To see where your friends are, use Active Fitness Friend Finder feature to find your friends.


For Windows PC, tablets and Surface


For Windows Phone



From The Annual Trailblazer 2013 Race Event at Microsoft SVC with Active Fitness


More Pictures Here

Our Active Fitness app and social network grew to 200,000 users in 2 months on Windows Phone, and we were kindly invited to participate in annual race event in Silicon Valley. This post is about the event on September 29th. Enjoy!

This weekend we had an annual race/walking event at Microsoft Silicon Valley Center: the event has been held in Mountain View for 19 years, and gathers around 1,000 locals from the Bay Area. People often come with the kids and families, to have a good time and fun. This time we had a 5K/10K race/walk and kids races. The event is organized by Friends of Stevens Creek Trail (FOSCT), Microsoft Community team and other sponsoring organizations.


Active Fitness app which donates this year to several sports organizations has been locally grown and tested, on that very trail, now it has close to 200,000 users in 115 countries, and had left many people impressed with Windows Phone (a gorgeous 3’x5’ poster displayed the app’s main Panorama control in all its glory at one of the booths) and we had 15 Windows Phone devices for those who didn’t have them, with Active Fitness app pre-loaded (thanks, Nokia). The race invites people working at many local Silicon Valley companies.


Those who had to carry two cameras to take a good picture: DSLRs and phones, looked with envy at owners of Microsoft’s bright yellow Lumia 1020s. The phone takes amazing action and professional quality photos with fashionable lightweight Windows Phones that doubled as DSLRs with PureView technology. Kids were stopping by and asking questions about Lumia bright colored devices and trail tracking apps, there were also some developers asking me about building apps for Windows Phone. I hope you check these beautiful pictures included with this post and shared on SkyDrive.

Active Fitness usage at Steven’s Creek Trailblazer

We had many users using Active Fitness on the trail or around the campus that day, and even more registered users use Active Fitness on Stevens Creek trail regularly, (overall close to 5-12K simultaneous users elsewhere in the world use the app)!