I’m at the Hacker Dojo today: coding a sensor app for Windows Phone 7

I have to complete parts of the app today, and dojo seems like the perfect place for this. Will be updating this post as I do the coding. So basically, the idea is very simple: have a Rubik cube rotating and turning using the Windows Phone 7 sensor API. I converted a fantastic open source Rubik’s Cube Silverlight app available on Codeplex by Ligang Wang to a Windows Phone project. Iimage hope at some point is to submit back to Ligang’s original project. Parts of the app were in F#, it took me a bit of guessing to figure out that although F# piece is added to the project, it’s been rewritten in C# in Silverlight 3.0. This is my entry point so to speak Smile

I may be imagining things, but in the Silicon Valley, opening my brilliant 13” i7 Touchscreen/Tablet Windows laptop feels a bit like a revolt against the conforming majority of Apple laptops. Unfortunately, none of the Apple wonder laptops are touchscreen, even at $2000 price tag. And I really-really-really like to draw with things like Expression Design.

So, the first day was spent converting a Rubik’s Cube open source app to Windows Phone Mango project, rebuilding with the latest Silverlight 4.0, et voila! It works immediately out of the box. All I need to add now is sensor controls and some more native touch manipulation.