MVVM is your friend to get sensor data in Windows Phone 7

sensor-dataThere’s little doubt that MVVM pattern makes your life as a developer a lot easier. There’re several MVVM frameworks for Windows Phone that make it happen:

and a few others (please, comment if you don’t find your favorite one!).

In my everyday life I use MVVM Light a lot, but today I’d like to explore new trends in the latest editions of some MVVM frameworks. I’m talking about using MVVM to support sensor data and services: accelerometer, camera, compass, gyro, location and others.

Focus on Catel primarily, because it brings a lot of support for MVVM from the sensors prospective, and also because I overlooked it somehow in the past.

Geert van Horrik, the author of Catel did a fantastic work building and documenting the framework on Code Project and in this documentation on his Web site.  Specifically, I couldn’t stop from quoting this impressive side-by-side comparison sheet:

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