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Kevin Ashley is a winner of multiple Microsoft career awards, including artificial intelligence, mobile apps, with nearly 12 years of career experience at Microsoft. Kevin is an author of several successful books on technology and artificial intelligence, including: Art of Prompts for Artificial Intelligence (2022), Interview with Artificial Intelligence (2023), Make Art with Artificial Intelligence (2021), Applied Machine Learning for Health and Fitness (Springer Nature) and Professional Windows Programming. Kevin authored more than 30 mobile apps, bots and cloud platforms, with the total audience of 6 million users, including Active Fitness, Winter Sports, Rollerblade. Kevin has contributed consistently in sports technology and research, working with US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, US Ski Team, Special Olympics, US Weightlifting Team, US Diving Team, WTA, WNBA, PSIA-AASI and many other partners and organizations. In his role at Microsoft, Kevin worked with startups and technology partners in the US and worldwide. He’s a passionate technical speaker, living in California.

Coaching Services

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI)
  • Production level AI and Machine Learning systems
  • Planning to build your own AI product or service
  • Monetizing and costs for AI/ML products
  • Career advice and interview preparation
  • AI/ML hardware, sensors, IoT and signal processing
  • Authoring, books and publishing
  • And more (schedule a 30 minute free scoping session)

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All coaching sessions are done via video calls on Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. Payments are via PayPal, Zelle or credit cards.

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