MAKE ART with Artificial Intelligence

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A practical guide for everyone on how to use Artificial Intelligence super-tools in art, illustration, design and more…

My dream is that artists learn about AI, and data scientists become more like artists…

This book is a richly illustrated tutorial to artificial intelligence (AI) for anyone interested in expanding creativity with AI. Written and illustrated by Kevin Ashley, a Microsoft developer hall of fame engineer, and an author of book and courses on AI, with lots of practical tutorials. Think of this book as v3.0 of your drawing class manual on how to sketch, draw faces, poses, and landscapes, apply light, color, style, emotion, expressions, perspective, generate animations, speech and more with AI.

Choose your Edition:

  • Beautiful 8×10 Color Paperback (Quality print, feels and reads like an art book, 184 pages, high quality paper, highlighted tutorial sections, more illustrations than e-book)
  • eBook just $9.99 (FREE with Kindle Unlimited) – great reflowable text, easy navigation to tutorials, reads great on Phone, Tablet or Desktop
    From my readers: Getting the Kindle version and using the desktop or online reader is a great way to experience this book as there are so many links and the beautiful color graphics throughout the book.

Suggestion: Paperback Edition makes a great gift!

I noticed that many readers buy the paperback as a gift to college kids, or if they are interested in art and technology. The paperback is a great option: high quality print, color full page illustrations, the book makes a beautiful gift! See fot yourself:

Beautiful 8×10 Color Paperback

All artwork from this book, made and augmented with AI is available on blockchain as NFT gallery called The Art of AI.

I love this book because it’s approachable to the novice and useful to the expert. As an artist who has 30 years of artwork looking to share, the chapter on blockchain and NFT is a great start to understanding this emerging field.

Michael Scherotter, Author of Sketch 360 and Journalist apps

Most classical drawing books don’t tell you how to sell your art. In the meanwhile, AI artwork sells for millions, signaling a new era in art. In chapter How to Sell Your Art, this book shares tips on another super-tool or rather super-gallery for selling your art, called blockchain and NFTs. Learn how to set up your gallery in minutes!
You will learn how to augment your creative process with new AI tools. With AI the world of creativity will never be the same: this book is your chance to learn about new ways to use AI in your projects.

For Educators

Interested in teaching an art or technology class based on this material? This book has a structure and materials for a course! Check out How to teach a course based on this book.


  • Getting Started (History of Art and AI – Getting started with AI – Drawing – Sketching – Action and Poses – Landscapes and Scenery – Animation – Selling your Art).
  • Creative AI Tools (Traditional tools – Digital tools – AI Tools – Python – Notebooks – Practice Studies).
  • Neural Networks (Neurons – Neural networks – Supervised learning – Unsupervised learning – Generative Adversarial Networks – Reinforcement learning – Practice Studies)
  • Drawing and Sketching (Sketching with AI – What’s a Sketch? – Improving Sketches with AI – Childhood Drawings – Creativity – Inking – Shading and Light – Coloring – Practice Studies)
  • Faces and Facial Expressions (How AI recognizes human faces – Facial features – Emotions – 3D Faces – Cartoons and Caricature – Generating Faces with AI)
  • Pose and Action (Humans in action with AI – Keypoints – Pose Estimation – Drawing Human Body – Human Pose Datasets – Perspective and Depth – 3D)
  • Landscapes and Scenery (Landscapes – Generating Landscapes – AI Models and Methods for Landscapes – Practice Studies)
  • Animation (Animation – 12 Principles of Animation – Animating Speech and Lips – Animating Neural Transitions – Practice Studies)
  • Style and Content (Style and Style Transfer – Generative Adversarial Networks – Creative Style)
  • How to Sell your Art (Why Blockchain – Smart Contracts and NFTs – Creating a Crypto Wallet – Creating your Gallery – Listing for Sale – Getting Paid)
  • The Art of AI – Gallery of AI Art

Original art from this book

All original artwork from this book, made or augmented with AI, is available for sale as part of my NFT art collection. All items included in this collection hand-selected and digitally signed with blockchain. You can buy and resell these items:

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