New Book: Make Art with AI

Now Available on Kickstarter! Awesome AI: Make Art with Artificial Intelligence

Awesome Ai: Make Art with Artificial Intelligence
Last year I launched my first successful Kickstarter project about AI. I’m amazed by all the support I received, thank you! I realized that many readers of my books are interested in AI in multiple areas of our lives, this is why I’m launching my new book and tutorial: “Awesome AI: Make Art with Artificial Intelligence“, a richly illustrated guide to artificial intelligence (AI) for anyone interested in expanding creativity with AI.

You will learn how to augment your creativity with AIs: including art, design, illustration, media production, games and more. With AI the world of creativity will never be the same: this book is your chance to learn about new ways to use AI in your projects.

As a backer on Kickstarter, you’ll get an exclusive opportunity to get early access to not only the book, but also: “The Art of AI” (the first in the world magazine of AI art), video tutorial and notebooks and code.

My goal is not only to share the insight into AI technology, but also share my knowledge through tips, tutorials and best practices. It will contain resources for artists, illustrators, digital art and game developers, data scientists and engineers or anyone who wants to learn more about applying AI in your creative process. Even if you are just curious, or beginning to learn about AI, this book will provide a getting started guide, as well as resources for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Shop original art from this book

All original artwork from this book, made or augmented with AI is available for sale as part of my NFT art collection. All items included in this collection hand-selected and digitally signed with blockchain. You can buy and resell these items:

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